Thomas Thomas

Oh, how I love Doctor Who.

Sorry I missed last week – I’ve been moving into a new apartment, and last weekend was a bit … cramped for time. I have plenty of comentary on last week’s episode – particularly about the references to Season 5, which I can’t wait to see if we finally get some resolution on the Tardis exploding. But that’s not the purpose of this post.

This weekend’s episode, however, I found to be quite enjoyable. First, I’ve grown to really quite like Vastra and Jenny. Not only are they the Sherlock and Watson of the Whoverse, but they’re phenomenal characters. Especially when Jenny kicks ass. Have I mentioned that I like her?

Interestingly, while I liked the episode in its entirety  my favorite part was when the young boy tries to tell Strax where to go. He said it so much like a GPS that I had a good chuckle. Then he introduced himself as “Thomas, sir. Thomas Thomas,” in a blatant reference to Tom Tom, and I just about lost it.

As is/will be on posts with Doctor Who, I won’t say much about what actually happened. After all, we can’t be having “Spoilers!”

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  1. Interestingly, I loved it until the Doctor showed up. He was extra baggage in a show where he’s the title character…let’s get Vastra her own show. 😉

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