Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World #2) by Jeaniene Frost

Rating: 4/5

When I first finished reading this book, I had actually debated about giving this one 5/5. Then I ruminated over it, and eventually ended up discussing this at my book club, and I changed my mind. There were some things that I really loved about this book (particularly Kira’s character – there’s something spectacular about her), but there are a few things that kind of got to me. I’ll try to keep this post as spoiler-free as I can.

First I just have to say that I had to rethink my mental image of Mencheres. I know he’s never been described as such, but I’ve always pictured him as looking older – of course all of the vampires in this series seem to have been turned in the prime of their life (with good reason – I generally expect that you would find yourself in the kind of situation to meet a vampire in your late teens/early twenties, so I’m not complaining about that). But I still picture Mencheres as a much older man – I mean, every time we’ve seen him before Bones calls him grandsire. Now all of a sudden this youngish girl about my age is telling me that he’s hot and twenty-something. Truth be told, I had possessed absolutely no desire to see him develop a romantic interest before I read this book. The fact that this book changed my mind about that is perhaps one of the reasons I ended up enjoying it so much.

Learning about Mencheres’ past and how it intermingled with actual history was great – I’ve even done some research and learned a few things. If you’ve already read the book, or don’t mind a spoiler about his past, here’s a wikipedia page.

Now for some of the downsides – everything just kind of fell into place, for the most part. There were some tidbits of tension/suspense, but I was hoping for something along the way to go wrong. Everything fell right into plan. I was also hoping to learn a bit more about the guardians, not just about the one man, but maybe that will come in later books – I refuse to read through these faster than my monthly book club or I would have learned all of this back in January.

There were also some things that felt like writing devices / cop-outs instead of being more believable. I won’t go into specifics because, obviously, they explain things you aren’t meant to understand if you haven’t read this book (or perhaps the next Cat and Bones – as mentioned, I haven’t read it yet). These devices are probably the main reason this one isn’t getting 5 stars from me (well, that and I waited well over a week to post my review after I finished it).


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