Clara Would Make a Kick-Ass Empress

Not going to go into details about the subject of this one – suffice to say that, well, I’m right – she would be a terrific empress. If not a little scary.

And if you haven’t guessed it already, I don’t have a favorite quote from this episode of Doctor Who. Suffice to say that it was spectacular. Very well put together, with new technologies that make an old villain even scarier.

And by the way, this episode is why we are all glad that the Doctor isn’t any more bi-polar than he already is. The fact that Clara can see through the madness just makes her that much cooler… in her skirt that’s a little bit too tight 😉

I think Clara might be my favorite companion so far. Everyone who knew me during Amy’s reign knows that I absolutely loved her, but as a close friend of mine commented a few months ago, “The Girl Who Died Twice” packs a lot more punch than “The Girl Who Waited.” And, of course, I loved Rose, but the show has come so far since her time that it’s hard for her character to compete any more, in my humble opinion.

I love that Clara is piecing things together even as the Doctor tries to keep her in the dark. Admittedly, she’s been getting an awful lot of help from people that the Doctor would rather keep quiet, but I can even understand how that might happen. She is a curiosity, and the Doctor’s knowledge in front of anyone would be enough to make them think aloud, and Clara is cognizant enough to pick up on it and ask the right questions, even if the Doctor continues to not give her answers.

And, needless to say, I can’t wait until next week. Really. Can’t. Wait. Agh, this is why I try not to watch the teasers at the end of the episodes. Should have stopped VLC before it came up!


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