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You’re going to be seeing a lot about Doctor Who from me for a while to come, I’m sure. Yes, I realize that this blog is set up to be about books, but one of my favorite pastimes with my very best friends is macro-plotting around Doctor Who. Not to mention that I relate picking apart plot arcs in Doctor Who to writing (and therefore reading). You’ve been warned.

This poster was just released today. At this point, I’m not considering last night’s surprise a spoiler anymore—anyone who has friends who are Doctor Who fans would have to be avoiding all social media to have not heard the discussions already.

Potentially among the most 5 thought-out words in Doctor Who history (probably barring Tennant’s monologue in The End of Time and the Doctor’s words in last night’s episode):

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  1. I’m not even sure how I feel about this. I was still getting over Tennant leaving and now Smith is leaving and then this! I don’t even know how i’m going to deal with the 50th episode. Tennant, Smith and Rose?! Head blown! BUT is it going to be Tennant as the 10th Doctor or is it going to be his clone thing? I just need to see this episode already.

    • This 50th episode ought to be pretty interesting/intense, that’s for darn sure. I’m curious to see what Moffat has planned. I think I have a decent idea of where he’s going with his next major inter-season plot arc—just not so sure how he’s going to get there. I think the 50th anniversary is the big stepping stone into it though, and we have Trenzalore and all that jazz.

      November 23rd seems like an eternity away though. And unfortunately, after the Christmas special where we lose Smith, we apparently have to wait until sometime in the fall of next year to get into Series 8. Gah!

      • reading7mandy

        BBC the channel that loves to put me in an emotional whirlwind and break my heart. And Moffat, he’s the Joss Whedon of British T.V. If you like someone you can pretty much bet they are going to die, go missing, etc.

        I’m hoping Hurt isn’t actually the NEW regeneration. It would just be to weird. It’ll be interesting to see the new casting for series 8. I know Clara is still the companion, but I feel like they are doing like what they did with Rose and making her a crossover companion only to replace her the season after.

        I also hope they don’t back themselves into a corner with Trenzalore. It’s supposedly the place the doctor can NEVER go. We’ve been hearing that for ages. So once the Trenzalore thing is over where do you go from there? To me it seems more like an ending than a beginning.

      • I’m going to respond all out of order – I hope you don’t mind. And my thoughts here are a little scattered, mostly because the show is so darn scattered.

        In the Season 6 finale (I literally just watched this with someone who’s relatively new to the show and trying to get caught up before November), Dorium quotes:

        “In the fields of Trenzalore
        At the fall of the Eleventh
        When no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer
        A question will be asked
        A question that must never, ever be answered”

        I’ll come back to this.

        Moffat has been building up to the Time War all of Series 7 – Davies had been trying to get around to it with Eccleston, and when he left Davies kind of lost an actor to have on hand to tell it. I think John Hurt may be that new actor, as a regeneration in between the 8th and “9th” Doctor. The workaround here is that Hurt’s words were “What I did, I did in the name of peace and sanity.” And Matt responded with “Yes, but not in the name of the Doctor.” That said, you could make fair justification that The Doctor really considers himself to be the 11th Doctor, whether or not he’s actually the 11th regeneration. I think we’re getting a different person to play the “12th”. My thoughts are that Hurt is the Doctor that got stuck in the time lock.

        That said, the “question that must never, ever be answered,” which we already know is “Doctor Who?” may be a rhetorical question. If John Hurt isn’t actually the Doctor, the question has no meaning. If it’s asked to him, the answer is simply, “I’m not the Doctor.” Or maybe “Doctor Who?” is the answer to a question. We don’t actually know who asks the question or of whom.

        Sooo … I don’t think Trenzalore will back us into a corner. I think it’s a turning point that’s going to have something to do with the time lock. And, frankly, all hell could break loose if that happens.

        PLUS – we still don’t actually know how the Tardis explodes, which is the real reason Silence will fall (based on the Series 5 finale). And, frankly, the Tardis just had to deal with an enormous paradox when the Doctor jumped in his “scar” to save Clara. I could see that having the potential to do some damage to the Tardis, and I could see it having potential to screw up a time lock. One of the other working theories my friends and I have been playing around with is that the angels have something to do with the tardis exploding, and we have lots of hints that the angels are related to the time war/time lock/time lords, since we had a line about “like the weeping angels of old” in the last Tennant special.

        I really hope we don’t lose Clara – I think she’s my favorite companion yet. She’s turning things upside down with this show, and I love it. “It’s smaller on the outside!”

        Soooo, yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Several of my friends and I have surprisingly long conversations about what we think is going on. I suspect Trenzalore will feel like an ending, but will also feel like a beginning when we finally watch it. Kind of like how some authors, midway through a series, have to use a book to take a breather, wrap some things up, and introduce some new stuff to use for the next several books (I feel very strongly that Kim Harrison does that every few books or so, though it’s gotten less obvious lately).

        I’m assuming it’s safe to guess that you watch Sherlock as well? Moffat/BBC is very nearly evil to have that series resume the day after they air the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. It’s like they’re trying to placate us or something … Or distract us …

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