Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs (Jane Jameson #1) by Molly Harper

Rating: 4/5

I very much enjoyed this book. It didn’t have a particularly complicated plot, but for a light read, it was great. It also had good timing: so many terrible things happen to Jane at the beginning of this book that it made me feel better about my bad week. After all, I didn’t get fired, plastered, shot, and turned into a vampire all in one evening. Jane’s life at the point of this book is truly the model of the shit hitting the fan.

And, very importantly, it’s all believable. I really do believe that the world Harper has created could potentially exist.

I personally found it very refreshing to have a book set out in the country in the midwest (Yes, I know Kentucky is generally considered part of the south, but no one can argue that it doesn’t have much in common with southern Indiana and Ohio). Since this book takes place in northern Kentucky in a rural area that sounds a lot like where I lived for the past few years, it was a bit refreshing, especially as I’m still adjusting to living in a significantly more urban area (Lynnwood isn’t exactly a booming city, but as a suburb of Seattle, it certainly has a lot more activity than I’m used to). In my own writing, I find it difficult to feel like I’m writing something believable if I have crazy things happening out in the middle of nowhere, but I can honestly say I never questioned it in this book.

This isn’t really something I would pick up if I were in the mood for intrigue and scheming, but for a relaxing romp around the midwest to take my mind off of my personal life, it’s a great read. I’ll have to remember Harper the next time I’m in a bad mood.


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