Kitty’s Big Trouble (Kitty Norville #9) by Carrie Vaughn

It has, unfortunately, been almost 2 weeks since I last finished a book. That’s just depressing. It’s not that I haven’t been reading, but apparently only managing roughly one chapter per day doesn’t get a book finished very quickly. But I’ve been behind in classes and putting in long hours at work, and, sadly, reading just has to take a back seat.

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that I have finally resumed reading the Kitty series. Apparently it’s been quite some time since I last picked up one of Vaughn’s books—the last one I finished was Book 8 in the series, within a month or two of its publish date (for those of you keeping track, that was in June of 2010—yes, that means it’s been 3 years). That was a very sad realization for me, as I used to love these books. Love, as in, they were on my list of series to count down until release date and then run to the store to pick up a copy. My how college changes one’s priorities. My how the real world realigns them.

So anyway, I’m planning on getting caught up in this series over the next couple of months. Hopefully that will be easier than making headway on this book because, in theory, I should actually remember what happened. The last couple of weeks working through this book were stumbling down a very bumpy memory lane, by which I mean that all I really remembered from previous ones were as follows:

  • I know how Kitty met Cormac. I don’t remember how Kitty and Cormac became friends
  • I remember that Cormac was sent to prison. I don’t remember anything about Amelia—did we actually learn about her in book #8?
  • I remember that there was a character named Roman and that he caused problems. I didn’t remember that until after I was told.
  • Same story with a vague idea of some of the escapades of DC and — was it San Fransisco? LA? Somewhere in California?
  • I vaguely remember some tidbits of Kitty Goes to War

… And that’s about the extent of it. It kind of made it a bit of a challenge to understand everything that was going on at the beginning of Book 9.

So … I’m not writing an actual review for this book, because since a) I had a hell of a week while reading this, and b) I didn’t remember anything I was supposed to already know, my review would be choppy at best. But hopefully we’ll get back to a normal schedule soon enough.

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