Happy Quarter-versary to Classy Cat Books!

EDIT: Due to feedback from my friend, currently referred to as Mr. Curmudgeon, over at The Politiconomist, I have updated the title to be “Quarter-versary” instead of “Anniversary.”

It was with great shock that I realized today that yesterday marks 3 months from my first post here at Classy Cat Books. I went back and read it and realized that I really have come a long way already! It certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve been posting here for a quarter of a year already, and I definitely never expected to keep up momentum for this long. I’m patting myself on the back right now for sticking with it so far. Woo hoo!

Anyway, I came about this realization because I was doing some blog-keeping. As you may have noticed, a few things have changed, I wanted to point them out for user-friendliness, etc.

First, the easy, obvious one: I added the Top Posts and Pages widget in the right side bar right over there –>. You can now see which posts/pages are getting the most hits in a 24-48 hour period (according to WordPress. I’m not really sure why there’s a range; shouldn’t there just be a cutoff?)

Also added a search. I have no idea how well the search function works here at WordPress, but I figured I’d go ahead and give it a go. I’m about to the point of having enough content to make it halfway worthwhile.

And the big one: I no longer have aΒ category for Books up-top (and more importantly I did away with the DNF, Good Book, Loved It! subcategories). Instead, I have replaced it with aΒ page called Book Reviews A-Z. On this page, I have embedded a Google Drive spreadsheet of all of the reviews I have posted here. There is one tab that is sorted by Author and one tab that is sorted by Rating. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t letting me make the embedded document any wider, so you’ll have to scroll to the right to have visibility of all of the columns.

So I’m looking for feedback. What do you think of the changes? Should I add/remove anything? Does the spreadsheet work in your browser? Is it too busy? Should I add columns or remove columns? Should I sort on something else? Let me know in the comments! I’m planning on playing with things for a little while, and it would be awesome to be able to have your input while I do!


EDIT: I have also added another Goodreads widget for To-Read-At-Some-Point books. Too much?


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    The word curmudgeon was here.

    • Yes, I thought of this, Mr. Curmudgeon πŸ˜› Considering I didn’t expect to last a whole quarter, I’ve decided to have a quarter anniversary. Besides, I’m reading the sequel to the book that was my very post, so I thought it was worth pointing out And, you know, there was the blog-keeping to point out anyway … πŸ˜€

  2. Happy 3-month-versary! πŸ˜€
    I like the new widgets, and I don’t think your sidebar is too cluttered πŸ™‚
    However, the spreadsheet is a little confusing D: What I’ve seen on other blogs is a parent page called Book Reviews, and then two sub-pages for A-Z reviews, and reviews sorted by star ratings. That way you can just type it up on WordPress itself, without the spreadsheet. If this is not making any sense, check out this lovely blog, and you’ll see what I mean πŸ˜€ Although, she’s tagged her reviews with her ratings.

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