99 Reasons to Hate Cats by Tom Briscoe (and Music Camp!)

A book for people who love and (love to) hate cats

99 Reasons to Hate Cats was born out of deep familiarity. It shows the many ways in which the Felis Domesticus can drive their owners mad yet maintain their keeper’s affections. Read, laugh and see if you find yourself (and your cat — or cats) in these pages.

The 99 reasons are all amusingly illustrated with original cartoon art. For the color-capable Kindle Fire and Kindle apps (on iPhone, iPad and Android), the illustrations are shown in color.


Rating: Uuhm, I don’t think this one even gets a rating …

So, I decided to pick this one up because I recently got a new kindle. I used to have a kindle, mind you. Way back at the beginning of the kindle, I got one for myself and for my mother. This was mostly a matter of timing —I was about to go study abroad in Denmark for a semester and I knew there was no way I could possibly pack enough books to last me the flight out there, let alone several months away from my bookshelf.

But the e-ink in it froze up about a year ago, and I decided I didn’t really care to replace it. In the meantime, my parents became Kindle fanatics, and it became a challenge to deal with real books. Every time my parents suggested a book to read, I always heard “It’s on the kindle; you should take a look at it.”

Now, to be fair, I had the kindle app on my phone, but it’s not the same. Even though my phone is rather large for a phone, it’s still rather small for an e-reader. And I’ve been reading so much lately and have decided I want to read so many books that my parents already have on our shared Kindle account, I decided it was time to get one.

This book (99 Reasons to Hate Cats) was one of the discoveries I made this evening.

The reason I say it doesn’t really get a rating is because it’s really more of a collection of short cartoons. It took me all of a minute to read all 99 reasons, but I did get a few chuckles out of it, and I thought I’d share it here.

This is also my excuse to have a post telling you lovely readers that I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but it might be even longer. Next week I am going to music camp (yay!) and I’m not expecting to get much reading, and therefor posting, done. I’m about 100 pages out from finishing my current book, and I’ll try to get a review up tomorrow, but I have to get my homework done first (seriously this time—final exams are not the kind of thing I procrastinate as much with).

So there may be a real post tomorrow, or there may not be one for a little over a week. Either way, I apologize for the distance, and you can bet I’ll come back strong (I have about two weeks between classes, which means I’ll actually have weekends for once!)



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