The 12th Doctor

In case you haven’t heard yet …

Watch the new Doctor be revealed and see an interview with Capaldi:

BBC Article:

I’m curious to see where Peter Capaldi takes us in his time at the Doctor. We’ve seen Capaldi in the Who-verse twice already: once in Pompeii and once in Torchwood’s Children of the Earth. I’d also like to see some of the other shows/movies he is/will be in (and not just because he’s the new Doctor—they’re the kinds of television I would generally want to watch anyway)

(BTW – Matt Smith’s hair is gone!)

(And sorry for the short post—homework!)


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  1. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous. Mostly I was expecting someone younger the Capaldi, closer to Smith’s age. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to being “older” looking, and how Clara responds to his new look.

    • Yeah, I was thinking about that when I saw the announcement. I think it will be fine, to be honest, partially because I have a feeling that the next couple of years will be somewhat dark in comparison to what we’re used to, and I think he will pull that feeling off very well. Clara’s reaction will be … interesting; you’re around about that!

      I’m actually not too nervous this time. I was really nervous before they announced Matt Smith, and I was even pretty anti-Matt for the first 2/3 or so of Series 5. Now he’s at least as much of a favorite of mine as Tennant. I’m learning to trust the show/Moffat, I think.

      • I don’t think I could ever trust Moffat. Just when I think he’s going to do something nice, someone dies or gets lost or something and I end up a puddle of tears. Moffat is the reason I have trust issues. Between Doctor Who and Sherlock I’m a mess.

        I agree, that at least season 8, is going to be much darker than we are used too. I loved Smith from the beginning, even though I didn’t want to. He was just so quirky I couldn’t help but laugh. Tennant will always be my Doctor though.

      • Haha, so maybe trust isn’t quite the right word. Moffat certainly won’t let us poor viewers get complacent, and he tries to keep things from being too predictable. I guess I meant I trust him not to let the show get boring or unwatchable … There’s no doubt that he’s soulless, but I personally love that he’s soulless. No comment on Sherlock >.< I'm just glad it's resuming in November (on my mom's birthday, no less)

      • Right! That weekend is going to be a crazy weekend for me. Friday Catching Fire releases, Saturday 50th Anniversary Doctor Who and Sunday new Sherlock (FINALLY!). I’m embracing my inner nerd that weekend. haha

  2. I think it’s a really interesting direction to go in, casting an older actor – it goes against the general trend of the Doctor getting younger as time goes by. But Capaldi’s awesome. If you’re OK with swearing then watch him in The Thick Of It – he’s mesmerisingly unpleasant in that, but in a way that makes you like him. If you don’t like swearing, avoid anything where he’s playing Malcolm Tucker, because every other sentence is imaginatively foul.

    • It was already on my list of things to do when I get back from music camp! He mentioned something about the cursing in the interview I linked to. And it is an interesting direction, but I think it will work. A theme we’re building up to, most definitely, is the darker side of the Doctor, and it looks like Capaldi would be a great fit for that. I’m excited to meet this incarnation. 🙂

  3. Once I get over the shock of a new Doctor and the loss of Smith, I think I’m going to prefer an older Doctor. That’s the essence of what he is. There was something fitting about Eleven, the one hiding the secret of his past, looking young but being old. Now that it’s been revealed, Capaldi (or at least someone his age) can take up the mantle.

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