Words: They Mean Things

One of my dear friends frequently used phrases (that I love to quote) is “Words: they mean things.” (Read his blog at The Politiconomist)

This is a phrase we often use when we get tongue-tied, or we use silly words when we should use more appropriate ones for the context. Since we both write quite a lot, it tends to make us both chuckle (or laugh hysterically because we can).

I have updated my tagline to this phrase because it seems more well-suited to the blog—I write book reviews focused on the writing, and therefore the choices made by the authors of the books I’m reading. One of these choices is word-selection, so I thought it would be well-suited here.

I’ve also made some other updates to my blog over the last week or so. Primarily, I’ve updated my Book Reviews page, to have two separate sub-pages for reviews Sorted by Author and reviews Sorted by Rating. I’m hoping that this is more user-friendly than the inserted Google doc.

Let me know what you think!



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  1. It’s also because I have a hatred for post-modernism, at least when taken to the extreme. :>

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