Book Tour: Red Threads (The Fateliner Series #1) by Stacey J. Mitchell

Twenty-six-year-old Lily Robinson has her dream job in a museum, a great boyfriend, and is happy with her life – until the day she starts seeing red threads growing out of the chests of those around her.

That same day Lily meets a stranger who seems to know her and understand what she is seeing. Lily doesn’t believe him when he says she has a special ability, and it’s only when he saves her life that she accepts something very strange is happening to her.

Lily’s life is rapidly turned upside-down when she gets thrown into the world of fate and meets the beings who influence it.

Can she learn to control her ability to help herself and those around her who need it most?

Will she actually want to when she finds out what she has to do?

The first novel in the Fateliner series, Red Threads is a contemporary fantasy that looks at how fate can change lives and relationships in an instant

Rating: 4/5

I found this book to be pretty clever—the idea of Fateliners and demons was a pleasure to discover, and I think Mitchell did a very good job executing her set-up.

One common problem I see among books with fairly unique magic (and other related paranormal) systems is an inability to convey the rules of the world to the reader without making it feel forced. Mitchell did a good job of making this work. I can say that I have a comfortable feel for how things work and I didn’t have to try too hard to keep up. I really can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am that nothing in this book turned out to be confusing or seem complicated. We were confused only as much as Lily was and no more or less. I’ve struggled with some of this in my own writing (currently, I’m actually blocked on a scene where I have to start with that kind of explaining).

A lot of this is because of the characters. First and foremost, I really liked Aver—like, I really really liked Aver. And he made for a great teacher. I can’t wait to see more of him in future books. He and Lily both felt real, along with most of the supporting cast. I also felt like every character was balanced, which is something I’m honestly not used to out of the paranormal/fantasy genres. So often our characters seem to be lacking in some aspect of normalcy or another: their jobs are neglected by the writer, they don’t have any actual friends, they had a terrible childhood. But Lily is perfectly normal until this starts happening, and it didn’t feel strange to me that something like being able to see fate lines might just randomly pop up when she starts getting particularly frustrated.

As for the romantic plot arc … This one was pretty simple, and I really enjoyed that. It would have been all too easy with this plot to slip into a more complicated love triangle than Mitchell did, and I’m glad it didn’t go in that direction. It was interesting to watch Lily struggle between her feelings in the moment and the fate that she knows she has no choice but to acknowledge, and I was right there with her as she struggled to make the “right” decision.

So why did this only get a 4? Well, to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the pacing. There were some very slow scenes that I thought dragged on unnecessarily long. Some of the conversation changes were a little abrupt at times. There were also some dialect-related things in the narrative that I would have preferred to see edited out and left only in the dialog (example: they were sat). None of this really detracted from the story for me, but i still felt they were worth mentioning here.

All in all, I really do hope Mitchell releases a second book. This was enjoyable, and I’d like to see what more is to come. In a lot of ways, this first novel felt like a setup for some much more exciting adventures, and I’d like to invest some time in seeing where Lily’s life goes from here.

Thanks to Irresistible Reads for hosting the tour, and to Stacey J. Mitchell for the review copy.

You can find Red Threads here: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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  1. Thanks for taking part in the Red Threads blog tour, Liza, and for writing such a lovely, considered review! 🙂

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