Life/Blog/Reading Balance

So it’s been a while — About two months, in fact. Sorry about that. A few things kind of happened all at once:

  1. My job at work changed and I picked up a huge statement of work when someone left our group. I’ve been working a lot of overtime and just haven’t felt much like reading when I get home.
  2. I’ve started dating. The boyfriend is trying his darndest to keep me from being a complete hermit.
  3. My internet’s been playing games and pissing me off. For the last several years I’ve just used a mobile hotspot on my phone instead of having real internet, and the last couple of months it started kind of crapping out.

So basically I just haven’t been around much, and even when I have, I haven’t had the patience to deal with the internet. But I got real internet on Sunday and it seems to be working beautifully (and hopefully my budget doesn’t get too mad at me for it), and things seem to be settling down with the boyfriend, and maybe even a little bit with work.

Hopefully (big emphasis on the hopefully) I’ll be back around a bit more again soon. It won’t be nearly the pace I’d been keeping before, but it at least won’t be a dead line anymore.

Coming up, I’ve got a couple books to review from the last couple of months if I can drudge up my memory enough to get them written, and I’ve got at least one, maybe two Doctor Who-related guest posts coming up fairly shortly. Hopefully that will keep things occupied while I finish reading¬†The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss (that’s right — I’ve finally decided to tackle Day Two). Maybe I’ll even get back into the description reviews and get those actually moving again.

So now you know — I’m not dead, just busy and a touch MIA. I’m planning on being back around for 2014!

Happy New Years!

~ Liza

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