Up From the Grave (Night Huntress #7) by Jeaniene Frost

There’s always one more grave to dig.

Lately, life has been unnaturally calm for vampires Cat Crawfield and her husband Bones. They should have known better than to relax their guard, because a shocking revelation sends them back into action to stop an all-out war…

A rogue CIA agent is involved in horrifying secret activities that threaten to raise tensions between humans and the undead to dangerous heights. Now Cat and Bones are in a race against time to save their friends from a fate worse than death…because the more secrets they unravel, the deadlier the consequences. And if they fail, their lives—and those of everyone they hold dear— will be hovering on the edge of the grave.


Rating: 4/5

Frost really is a great writer—her worlds are vivid; her plots are well-thought-out; her characters are truly memorable. The success of the Cat and Bones series (random thought: we (fans) all call this the Cat and Bones series even though the series itself has a title—why is that?) is a testament to her skill at her craft. Up From the Grave was a very good way to wrap up the series, and despite all of the good things I can say about these books, I think it was time to wrap it up.

When Frost announced last year that the 7th Cat and Bones book would be the last in the series, I had mixed emotions. I had honestly been getting a bit bored with the series (as some of my reviews made fairly clear), so I was relieved that she was going to bring it to an end instead of continuing on with something that was getting, quite frankly, a bit old. I was, however, worried about how she was going to manage it. There were still several tendrils she’d left unresolved after the last book that didn’t all seem related, and I wasn’t sure how she was going to tie up all the loose ends while still making it seem believable. She did an excellent job.

The only downsides were some of my usual comments: some of Cat’s motivations towards the beginning of the book seemed a little hard to follow, but not nearly as messy as some of the previous books. And once you got into the meat of the plot, I didn’t have any issues. We have a new character who’s great, but who we didn’t really get to know as well as I might like, but there were justifiable reasons why.

All in all, I thought this was a very nice conclusion to the series. The pacing was good, the characters were great, and we had some interaction with the whole gang (although, Vlad’s involvement was admittedly a bit of a stretch).

Looks like Frost will be releasing a new series later this year (link), and I’m certainly anxious to give it a go!


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