Fury of the Demon (Kara Gillian #6) by Diana Rowland

That’s what she’d like to know. Demon summoner and now a consultant for the FBI, Kara Gillian has spent the past several months in the demon realm training while recovering from the treachery of the demonic lord Rhyzkahl. Yet though the torment and betrayal she suffered at his hands continues to plague her, she’s not about to let that slow her down.

Kara returns to Earth to search for a fellow summoner being held by allies of Rhyzkahl. Aiding in the hunt are Kara’s friends, FBI agents Ryan Kristoff and Zack Garner. However, Kara and Zack know Ryan’s true identity—though he himself does not—and questions of loyalty threaten to tear apart their previously close-knit group. Rhyzkahl’s machinations run deeper than they could have ever imagined, and the search for the missing summoner takes on a desperate edge while dangers from ancient demon oaths loom and enemies increase in power and numbers.

Armed with her skills, wit, and attitude, it is up to Kara to save her friends and her world.

The price of failure will be her soul.


Rating: 4/5

This was much improved from the last one—good development all around and the moments that I found most jarring were clearly supposed to be. I’m reminded again why I fell in love with this series. Between the excellent overall plot, which develops at a steady rate from book to book and is clearly still in the mid stages of its crescendo; and the emotional resonance between the main characters and the reader, this series is pretty successful about sucking you in and keeping you hooked. With the exception of the hiccup that was book 5.

I was critical in my review of the 5th book of the pacing. I think this book sees some improvement on that, though there were still some pacing choices that I found somewhat questionable. It’s hard to know when to wrap up a book; it’s even more difficult when you need to make sure the right things happen in order to enable a smooth start to the next book. Tack onto all of that the fact that this macro plot truly is ongoing and we’re right in the meaty part of a lot of the action, and it can be difficult to get the pacing just right in each individual book. I’ll give credit where it’s due and say that overall, I think the macro arc is developing beautifully at this point and let the more minor infractions of the micro plot slide. This time.

Throughout the last half of book five and all of this book, Kara has been grappling with some pretty severe identity issues and is at risk of losing herself, as is indicated by the last line of the description. I was incredibly impressed at how Rowland pulled off writing this. If you ever wanted to find a good example of showing and not telling, this is it—and it was something that isn’t necessarily easy to show. Kara is developed even more in this one, and I was pleased with the execution of it.

Even more telling, Kara isn’t the only one who undergoes a pretty drastic bout of development. Pretty much every character has a significant shift in perspective throughout the course of this book. As a reader, you can feel the tension and sense of loss of self that everyone, not just Kara, experiences. It all felt very real.

Glad to have Kara back the way I like her. I am definitely looking forward to finishing the series as books are released. It’s just too bad that I now have to wait for publication dates …


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  1. I tried book five but I missed the old formula too much. Glad a bit of the magic is back again !

    • Yes, I was disappointed with book 5; a good deal of the old formula is back for book 6 — it even takes place mostly on Earth again.

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