Blogging Update: Catch-Up Time

Sooo … I fell behind last week on updating my list of reviewed books with all of the appropriate links. I hadn’t realized quite how far behind I had gotten until I actually sat down to fix it all up today. I was behind by a good 6 books, so sorry to any of you who actually look at the listings.

If you weren’t aware, by the way, a great way to get a feel for the kinds of books I review is to navigate through the couple of pages that are drop-down options from the Book Reviews section of the menu above. There’s a page listing all of my reviews in order of author last name, a page in order of rating (and secondly by author last name), and an archives listing by genre (where posts within that genre appear by date).

I would also like to take the time to give a reminder that I do accept review copies of books from authors who are interested in getting some reviews. I post all reviews on Goodreads (consistently), and I try to hit up B&N and Amazon as well, though there is often a lag unless specifically requested. There is a form on the parent Book Reviews page, if you don’t select a drop-drown from above (if for whatever reason the form doesn’t work, you can always e-mail me or leave a comment).

I’ve also been signed up to participate in several blog tours. There will be reviews coming up that link to tours, etc, some of which will include giveaways and some won’t. I’ve added some buttons for the touring sites I’m working with off to the right —>.

I’ve also decided that now that I’m back into the full blogging swing of things, I’m going to resume the little “Description Reviews” that I started (and didn’t get very far with) about a year ago. I had been planning on predominantly posting reviews of descriptions for books I’ve already finished, but I think I’ll take a crack at writing reviews of books I’m either about to read or books I’ve been adding to my TBR list. It will be my own little version of those “Wishlist Wednesday” type memes, where everyone posts about books they’re adding to their TBR list. And I’ll be including books that I’ve decided not to read due to the reviews, because studying things that failed is at least as important as studying things that have succeeded. (There was an excellent article on You Are Not So Smart about a year ago on Survivorship Bias; you should check it out! It’s long, but highly recommended.)

I’m also adding buttons for my description reviews:

Up Button
Meh ButtonDown Button






I’m also toying with the idea of adding a few “theme” posts. I avoid memes as a general rule—a) I’m not disciplined enough to have that kind of regularity, especially when my schedule isn’t that regular; and b) I don’t find most of them particularly relevant in the context of Classy Cat Books. However, a weekly/monthly recap may be useful if I really do increase the number of posts I’m writing to the level I’m anticipating. I’m thinking about trying out a “Sunday Sampler” (what? I can be alliterative too) similar to Lindsey’s Bloggin’ Recap over at The Day Dreamer and Candy Eater.

Other thoughts I’ve had regarding theme posts include general writing analysis (what to do, what not to do, what’s bugging me the most recently, etc) and some occasional book-related news. I’m also hoping to resume my Quote of the Day posts on twitter and Facebook. I’m not going to bite off more than I can chew right now, however. We’ll take it slow.

And now you’re aware of some potential changes that may (or may not) be coming up in the near future. I wouldn’t be surprised if I make some changes to the blog layout in the process too, though that’s dependent on my having more time.


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