Sunday Sampler: August 17, 2014

So this is my first recap post in a long time, and I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to lay these out. I will probably toy with a few formats and see how they go.

I started off the week by declaring that I was planning on making some changes in how I do things around here. Since then, I’ve also decided to completely revamp my entire blog. In doing so, I will be relocating. It will be a relatively lengthy transition period on my end because I’m doing graphic and coding work in advance of launch. Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the future.

I wrote 3 description reviews:

I also posted a stop on a blog tour hosted by Enchanted Book Promotions:

Back out in the real world I resumed work after a wonderful week off at band camp. Work has been hectic. Like, the definition of. And our organization has had 2/3 of its management put on a special assignment for an indeterminate amount of time. As one of the more experienced / known-by-executives members of our team, I’ve been picking up a lot of the slack (which means doing work over the weekend to get something ready — from scratch — for a leadership review Monday morning).

Oh, I also took my final exam for my summer Stats class. It was a 3-hour test, and my computer decided it didn’t want to upload the file when I only had 10 minutes left in the time period. So that was fun. But … That means I only have two semesters left before I will officially have a Masters in Applied Statistics. Yay!

The good news is that so far I’ve still been managing to post regularly in spite of the chaos, and I’m hoping to keep it up. Unfortunately, my reading time has been a bit behind (which is partially because I’ve been spending so much free time getting ready to move Classy Cat Books).

Some reviews I’m hoping to get up in the next week or so:

And don’t forget Doctor Who resumes next weekend!


Posts I’ve enjoyed/found interesting from other bloggers this past week:


Writing / Publishing Tips

Other Fun and Interesting Stuff

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the article, Liza! (Or at least found details of my stressful book launch somewhat amusing xD)

    • I thought it was a good reminder — I’ve been considering beginning the publishing process (I’m nothing if not a procrastinator, and I’m pretty good at using work as an excuse) and these kinds of personal anecdotes about various experiences are surprisingly helpful 🙂

      • You should! The most important thing I’ve learned from publishing is that everything works out in the end 🙂 Even from other published authors, I’ve heard of lots of books starting out slow in sales and then reaching reviewers/readers and taking off!

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