Description Review: The Girl from Yesterday (The Blood Dynasty Chronicles Volume 1, Part 1) by David L. Dawson – FREE TODAY!

The planet Stoker was once home to humanity. Now it is ruled by vampires, thriving in their new utopia. The surviving humans are used as slaves and are taught that they are inferior beings.

Ashlyn Fountain is brought out from cryogenic suspension in the year of 1005. She is bought as a slave by the wealthy Sublime family and given as a maid to Vienna, their eldest vampire daughter. Ashlyn quickly comes to realise that vampires are monsters, even the handsome Jensen Sublime, who bears a remarkable resemblance to the hero in her favourite vampire novel.

This is the first book in The Blood Dynasty Chronicles, a new serialised paranormal romance series.


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Wow, this sounds … interesting …

It’s the kind of crazy (some might say deranged, or Stockholm syndrome-esque) vampire romance story that I used to be really into in middle school (What? We all had those phases. Don’t judge), but it’s been jazzed up. This sounds like it’s both futuristic (cryogenic suspension, anyone) and historic (I really only say that because of names like Vienna and the decision to call the year 1005; I could be completely wrong).

Not sure how I feel about the family name being Sublime. It’s an interesting choice, and I hope it’s well-suited.

I’m intrigued—I honestly have no idea if I will like this or not, but this first installment is short enough at approximately 125 pages, and should be a relatively quick read. And it’s free so hey, no harm no foul.


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