The Seven Deadly Sins Tag

I was tagged by Felicia over at The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog. Thanks!


1. What is your most expensive book?

Oh, I have no idea. Without delving into the realm of textbooks (which definitely take the cake at $200+), and without getting into my mythology/reference books (of which I have plenty), I’d probably have to say just any of my hardcovers.



2. What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Currently, Richelle Mead. I absolutely LOVE most of the books of hers that I read, but I didn’t really care for the Vampire Academy series.



3. What book have you devoured over and over again with no shame?

In high school I was obsessed with Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. I read and re-read the first ten or so books waiting for the series to continue. The fact that I dislike the most recent books in the series hasn’t stopped me from the occasional revisit to favorite scenes from the beginning of the series.



4. Which book have you neglected reading due to laziness?

The Game of Thrones series. They’ve been on my TBR for what feels like forever (ok, about 3.5 years)—I even own the first four, and I just haven’t gotten around to them.



5. What book do you most talk about in order to sound like an intellectual reader?

I honestly haven’t read many that would qualify, and I don’t really like to sound like an intellectual reader. To get somewhat of an answer, probably anything by Poe, Don Quixote, and/or Arabian Nights: Tales form a Thousand and One Nights.



6. What attributes do you find attractive in a male or female character?

Male: Intellectual, but still a bad-ass. Geeky is a plus. Alpha mentality is also a plus. Sarcastic is a must-have. Borderline evil is a plus.

Female: Strong, strong-willed, sarcastic, has a doesn’t-give-a-damn attitude, and can hold her own in witty banter.



7. What book would you most like to receive as a gift?

Gifting books to me has always been fairly difficult. Physical copies of anything that I’ve read as an ebook and loved (not willing to spend the money on, but like to have anyway). Physical copies of the first few books in many series that I didn’t start buying until halfway through. Things like that.



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  1. ^5 on Game of Thrones—man just looking at that book makes me think it could be used as a weapon 🙂

  2. One Curvy Blogger

    Ahhhh I used to love the Hamilton books, then I read a few last month and couldn’t believe how much money I spent on those! Ah, well. As I grow older, certain books appeal more than others. Like food? Lol!

    • LOL, very true! Tastes certainly do change. What I can’t believe is that I read all of those from the library, then went and bought all of them. And I would re-read library copies just so that I wouldn’t accidentally crease the spines of the ones I owned. *shakes head* Oh, to not have any real expenses again …

      • One Curvy Blogger

        omg, girl it is the WORST to devour books, only to realize you have no money to BUY books.. I swear its the only reason I actually have a part time job. xD

      • It really is; that’s what I used to spend all of my money on, back when I didn’t really have any other real expenses 🙂

      • One Curvy Blogger

        Lol, me too! Now I’m like damn, bills. 😛

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