Sunday Post: September 28




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This week in the real world has been absolutely insane, so I don’t have terribly many posts to share with you.

This week:

Book Reviews:

Description Reviews:

  • None 😦

Other Stuff:

Ongoing Giveaways:


In the Real World:

Starting a week ago today, I had an extra special project doing secret squirrel stuff at work added to my plate. Generally, I like these kind of projects—they’re big, messy, fun, and good exposure. But this particular project is one that my boss has been trying to keep me out of for the last couple of months because she knew I didn’t have time. But the team got to the point where they needed help with stats stuff, so I ended up getting drawn in anyway. I’ve basically spent the whole week getting up to speed on everything that’s happened so far while supporting leadership reviews and cleaning up presentations. That in and of itself wouldn’t be cause for stress, but all of my other projects, which were already more than full time, are getting more time-pressed as well. AND on Thursday we started getting audited.

On top of all of that, my classes picked this week, of all weeks, to be crazy. I have an exam in class A. And in class B I have to not only write a report, but revise and resubmit another report, and watch a bunch of videos and answer questions.

So in summary, time is a very scarce resource right now, and I won’t be posting much in this upcoming week. (I definitely won’t be having a Monday Morning Musings post, and I might not do a Top Ten Tuesday post either, depending on how today and tomorrow go.



See above.


Posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

Sadly, I haven’t been able to do much reading of blogs this week. But here’s a couple that I’ve flipped through this morning:


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  1. Sounds like a crazy week and like next week might not be any less crazy! I’ll have to check out the 2 links you posted – especially the I Hate Big Books. Have a great week!

    • It’s almost guaranteed to be just as insane as last week :/ Hopefully the audit isn’t as involved as last year — I’m really hoping I can take a day off (or a half day or something) if I get through Monday and Tuesday all right. Hope you enjoyed the 2 links 🙂

  2. Hope you’ll have a wonderful week ahead!

    Here’s mine!
    My Week in a Wrapped #1

  3. Ok, where on earth do you work lol. ‘Top secret squirrel stuff’ along with ‘big and messy’ made me instantly think exploding squirrels buwahahaha. Wait, you don’t actually do that, do you? 😀

    • Hahaha, no, I don’t. “Super secret squirrel stuff” is a joke that came up …. sometime. I don’t even remember if it’s a joke from work or from before then. I work for Boeing, and every now and then we have these things called “coded projects,” which are things we’re studying but don’t want every single employee to know we’re looking into it.

  4. Life happens. We will still be here when you get back. Have a great week!

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