Sunday Post: October 5




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This week in the real world has been absolutely insane, so I don’t have terribly many posts to share with you.

This week:

Book Reviews:

Description Reviews:

  • None 😦

Other Stuff:

  • None 😦

Ongoing Giveaways:

In the Real World:

This week was even crazier than last week. I hit my mental wall Tuesday evening. Was completely blocked. Couldn’t think, couldn’t focus on anything. It was bad. I blame grad school. The crazy work schedule would have been fine. The homework/exam/report would have been fine. Together, they were not fine. Especially when my computer decided it couldn’t use a quicktime player to view the videos I need to watch. And neither would my boyfriend’s. (So, sorry Dad, you’re not getting my old laptop until this class is over, because it was the only way I could watch my assignment…)

I had already told my bosses (manager and snr manager) that I was going to only work a half day on Wednesday since I didn’t have any meetings in the afternoon and I still had a report to write (one that was technically due on Tuesday, but I was given an extension). After Tuesday night and the video fiasco, my boyfriend threatened to hide my keys. So I stayed home Wednesday morning and got more work done in a couple hours in the morning than I had all of Monday and Tuesday combined. And in the afternoon I listened to an audiobook and played games on my kindle. It was lovely. (And it’s the only reason I even got up the one post that I did).

This week shouldn’t be quite as insane — I’m already halfway done with my homework, after all, and we just redid the entire business case for the “secret squirrel stuff” project I alluded to last week (from scratch. In one day. It was awful, but at least now it’s closer to right).

I’m still going to have a light week in terms of posts because I need some recovery time. But things should be coming back to normal around here pretty soon.


  • Blog Tour: Tortured Souls (Orion Circle #1) by Kimber Leigh Wheaton
  • Marked (House of Night #1) by P. C. Cast

I’m also into the bulk of my scheduled stops for blog tours for the season, so you’ll be seeing more of those (and their associated giveaways) coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

(Not a long list again this week…)

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  1. Sometimes life takes precedent. I like that your boyfriend stepped in and supported you.LOL
    Will be looking forward to more posts as your schedule becomes less grueling.
    Here is my Sunday Post –

    • Yeah, he’s good that way (even if stealing my keys might not be the BEST way of convincing me to take a day off). Thanks for stopping by! *heads over to your blog…*

  2. Hope you’ll have a less stressful week ahead of you 🙂

    My Week in a Wrapped #2

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