I’ve decided that my blog is more productive, ironically, when I have math homework.

As many of you know by now, I am getting my master’s degree in applied statistics. Honestly, it’s actually a lot of fun because I’m a nerd, and I usually don’t have too awfully much to complain about, but that doesn’t stop me from putting off doing my homework. It never has. Probably about 75%-80% of my posts here have been written while I was putting off doing my math homework. This is also, by the way, the only way I ever get any writing on my own books done.

I generally don’t have a problem with this. After all, blogging is a really awesome way to put off doing math homework, and I always get it done in time.

But I’m currently on those couple of weeks between the summer semester and the fall semester, so I haven’t had homework. And between camp and then making up time at work, I just haven’t been doing much else. Yes, I’ve still been reading, but it’s been slow-going. And I’ve barely been writing. And today I was feeling guilty.

So I got on the computer this afternoon mostly to get rid of that guilt and catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs (And sorry, The Politiconomist, but I haven’t had the brain-power to get caught up on yours) and I started writing a short story. Yes, I got here to read the blogs I haven’t looked at in a couple of weeks, and I put that off by writing. Then I got distracted from writing by getting on Facebook—which practically never happens with me.

So long story short, I will always find an excuse to use anything else to procrastinate, even if it means putting off doing things I find fun. Do you have these problems too?

(This post came about, by the way, because I realized while I was on Facebook that I was looking at a pic that would be great to share here, and I came full circle)



The sentiment here is perfect, by the way—It took me forever to actually get moving on reading Gameboard of the Gods because I was still so wrapped up in The Name of the Wind. I was having this conversation with my dad just this afternoon, so the timing on seeing this was great and I felt the need to share, even in spite of my procrastinating on the whole blogging thing …

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  1. deweydecimalsbutler

    That picture is perfect. I finished Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter right when a friend of mine starred in a bad movie called Abe Lincoln: Zombie Killer. I told him I’d watch it…but only after I’d stewed in the other book for a bit. *Book People Problems*

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